Wednesday, February 29, 2012

prioritization & the obstacle called life

my last post was months ago where i was clearly upbeat about the possibilities of positive journaling.  a 30-day trial period into a world of bliss was at my doorstep yet i was derailed on day one.  why is it that so many of us find inspiration yet give up before giving it a fair try?  mainly i blame life and the busy schedules we force upon ourselves.  it is not easy to balance full time work with full time life.  but then to make it even more difficult, we add in a handful of unnecessary distractions and resolutions for a better self.  not all people find this difficult; we all know the rare creature who seems to be made in the likeness of superwoman.  she can take care of her self, her kids, her husband, climb the corporate ladder, and be one step ahead of oprah when it comes to the "now" book to read.  this woman works out every morning, gets manicure & pedicures on a regular basis, and looks polished every minute of the day.  we hate this woman and i don't have an ounce of her in me.  with that said, i do possess the desire to be "more".  i'd like to find a small sliver of superwoman and blend her into my chaotic being.  perhaps what i need to realize is that with every additional distraction, something must be left behind.  we can not simply continue to cram more into our lives, we must prioritize the things we consider necessary.  the "fluff" must go to make way for new objectives.  this week i'm going to prioritize my schedule, starting with a way to get my ass to the gym a few times a week…


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