Tuesday, April 26, 2011

365 x 2

two years.
a lot can change in two years.
for me this time included a pregnancy, a birth, the beginning of my family.
parallel to this incredible bliss was a world of frustration, doubt, and disbelief.
finding a balance between new mother, loving wife, and working woman has been a challenge.
functioning in two polar opposite universes certainly takes its toll on a person.
at home, life is happy and positive, filled with good energy and excitement.
at work, days are directionless and confusing, filled with awkwardness and discomfort.
still, i hang on hoping for the best. clinging on to the chance that some change will take place.
someday, things will make sense. someday, there will be clear direction. someday, someone will understand that a motivated employee is a productive employee.
i wait on the sidelines, occasionally offering my feedback, half heartedly holding my breath.

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