Friday, August 12, 2011

starbucks, suckers!

i'd like a grande add shot 2 pump classic latte, over ice.
or better yet, make that a grande americana with 2 pumps classic and a splash of nonfat.
what is the difference you ask?
basically $1.50.
is it because saying the word "latte" is somewhat therapeutic?
is it because, like me, you have no idea what an iced americana is?
is it because we are all suckers?
perhaps…but let me share this with you now.
a grande iced americana with whatever sweetener or lack thereof you prefer, is three (3) shots espresso over ice. you can add water, milk, or soy. you can add whatever you want.
the bottom line is this drink is $1.50 less than an iced latte.
now go order your iced americana and start saving some dinero on your daily starbucks habit.

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