Thursday, August 18, 2011

looking in the mirror

do it! take a good look in the mirror and laugh.
make a funny face, do a ridiculous dance, and laugh.
out loud, at yourself.
it's incredible how refreshing this can be after a long day.

this morning my husband locked our daughter in the car.
it was early, she was sleeping, and was never in danger...but how was i to know any of this?
i received the call during a company meeting and assumed my husand was playing a bad joke on me. when i realized he was serious, i ran out of the building and drove like a bat out of hell to rescue our 10 month old truffle. i arrived at the scene to find my husband completely relaxed, playing with our babysitter's children, not even the slighteset bit concerned.
sometimes it is a difficult decision; shall i laugh or shall i cry?

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